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Module 1 (16EH) 358 € incl. Documents


The basic course has effective techniques for raising the self-healing powers to himself and others, and the cleansing and energizing of spaces and objects to content. In addition, basic principles of PRANA ENERGY THERAPY ® are mediated.

  • - Measuring the Aura (Energy body and chakras) External Recording Prana Prana introduction and application of spiral technology
  • - General and specific cleaning- and Energetisierungstechniken Energetic Anatomy (Chakras, Nadis, Energy body and its relationship to the organs and glands)
  • - Closing and sealing the entire distance Aura Introduction Treatment - Self healing techniques of cleansing and energizing spaces and objects

Module 1.1 (8EH) 138 € incl. Documents

PRANA Energie-THERAPIE ® I - Training.

Module 2 (16EH) 358 € incl. Documents

PRANA ENERGY THERAPY ® II. Specific measuring the aura and the chakras- Energy field scope - Visualization technique: Meaning, Properties of u. Application- and Energetisierungstechniken, Detection and resolution of energetic cords, applying a distance effective treatment / Resolution spiral Farbpranas, Energisation and programming objects

Module 2.1 (8EH) 138 € incl. Documents

PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® II - Training, outstanding issues are resolved. They train the use of spiral Farbpranas and other effective methods for cleansing and energizing.

Module 3 (16EH) 318 € incl. Anatomiebuch

PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® - Anatomy - of the cell to a complex organ system - mediated. To malfunction of the body and the resulting disease is fully addressed. Several chapters are taught : 1. Cells, Skin and epithelium 2. Skeletal, Muscle- and nervous system 3. Endocrine system and immune system 4. Cardiovascular system 5. Respiratory- and digestive system 6. Harn- and reproductive system. Disharmony in the energy field of the organs can be specifically recognized and effectively balanced.

Module 4 (16EH) 358 € incl. Documents

PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® III PRANA MENTAL & EMOTIONAL ENERGIE-THERAPIE Dieses Modul befasst sich mit dem Messen und Auflösen von negativen Energieformen in den verschiedenen Energiekörpern – besonders auf mentaler und emotionaler Ebene - through effective spiral techniques. Also you more effective methods for treatment of mental energy disharmony and detailed treatment processes are mediated. Mentally - mental, emotional and physical aspects of the main main chakras, Sleep, Depression, Neuroses, Borderline Syndrome, Psychosis, Addictions, etc.. Specific cleaning of rooms, Objects and objects on essential, astraler, mental and spiritual level

Module 5 (8EH) 188 € incl. Documents

PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® - The power of the mind, To enable this fix and use. The contents: · Development of higher mental abilities through activation · Spiritual techniques to strengthen the higher spiritual forces · Transmutation of vital pranic energy pranic energy in higher · Implementation of PRANA ENERGY THERAPY ® by Ajna- Chakra · Mental impregnation of the different energy bodies · Energetic treatment of multiple clients simultaneously

Module 5.1 (8EH) 138 € incl. Documents


Module 6 (8EH) 188 € incl. Documents

PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® - Communication, Conversation and Marketing. Also you effective marketing strategies are taught. Content: Communication u. Conversation - Conversation with clients - Initial interview, first impression, Use of "magis chen Moments" - Construction of energy-therapeutic trust - Lead history calls professionally and efficiently - u.a. Content: Marketing - Marketing & Advertising - simple and effective - position itself as possible and present - Structure of the working environment

Module 7 (8EH) 188 € incl. Documents

PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® - Legal Studies and Conflict Resolution: - General legal conditions - Ärztegesetz - Criminal - UWG - Unfair Competition - Risk area - Liability issues - Any other: When people live together, -life, -operate, can not avoid conflicts. The reasons for this are complex. The conflict illumination provides a way to cause the ground to go, To avoid conflicts in the future, to understand, order to solve this ultimately also. Conflict resolution models offer the possibility of conflicts in different ways to solve, or deal with conflicts.

Module 8 (8 EH) 188 € incl. Documents

PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® - Diplomierungsprogramm. expanded and clarified open practical issues. You will receive a specific preparation for the examination

Module 9 218 € incl. Certificate and diploma

PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® - Examination. Upon successful completion, the graduates / diploma inside a, as they "diplomierten / e PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPEUT/IN ®" identifies and characterizes.