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In diesem Modul der fortgeschrittenen PRANA ENERGIE-THERAPIE® gezielte wird Ihnen die Anwendung von spirituell programmierten Prana-Spirallasern vermittelt.
These are available in energetic treatments as effective tools available.
There are simple and combined Prana spiral laser.
In this module, especially combined Prana Spiral lasers are used, the wood-, Wood Hollow, Metal- (Gold, Silver, Copper, Messing, etc.) exist and crystal rods, a visible spiral form or have. contain a metal coil.

Benefits of a spiritually programmed PRANA TWIST LASER:

  • Due to the spiral shape and material of the prana-hand spiral laser, the pranic energy is transmitted more dynamic.
  • During the cleaning process of the PRANA ENERGY THERAPIST is protected from contaminated energies of the client.
  • Through its targeted programming, the treatment time is extremely shortened.
  • Specific treatments are powerful energetic support.
  • The energy field of PRANA ENERGY THERAPIST
    is enormously strengthened.
  • Even with permanent energetic cleaning operations of clients and objects as well as their suppression of prana spiral laser is a valuable "assistant" of PRANA ENERGY THERAPIST .
  • Prana protective spiral laser can be programmed and used against conscious and unconscious attacks.
  • Furthermore Prana Spiral lasers can be spiritually programmed to dissolve unwanted energetic cords.

All these different applications as well as the safe use of prana spiral laser you will be taught in this seminar.


Price: 188,– € (including documentation)
The Prana Spiral lasers are not included in the seminar price, but are provided for the practical part of the seminar available. The cost of prana spiral laser are approx. 30 to 70 € – the purple Material.

Coach: Hubert Leitenbauer